Monday, May 22, 2006

26 Days

Yesterday, at a family gathering, Julie came to me and said “The rumor is that you’re an atheist.” I wonder what I said to get that started. I don’t wonder why I’m not going to clarify, deny, confirm or put an end to it.

Julie and I are in Texas visiting her family. I didn’t want her to make the trip alone and I need to continue working so I arranged to work remotely. Today I worked eleven and one-half hours. My co-worker with cancer has begun chemo and radiation therapy and I’ve picked up several of his tasks. I have some tasks that are six weeks past due. We’re in the midst of a major upgrade that’s scheduled for completion in October. That deadline is beginning to look a little questionable.

In the 26 days since my last post I’ve completed a beekeeping class, finished the construction on the deck, encountered the first rattlesnake of the season, gathered some materials for a solar hot water heater and solar oven, designed awnings and shutters for the house, created a circle drive around the cistern and taught Julie – at her request -- how to hook the water trailer and haul water, received the infrared thermometer that I ordered weeks ago, toured a permaculture farm, completed some smaller sustainability tasks and added a small constructed wetland to my list of summer projects.

Two other events of great pleasure were attending a couples’ communication workshop with Julie and meeting fellow blogger Anvilcloud and his wife during their trip to Arizona.

I seem to have found a new sense of purpose in life. More about that later.

I’ve missed writing and reading your posts and hope to respond to your emails this week

Best wishes to everyone.