Sunday, May 22, 2005

Are Pornographers and Religious Groups Working Together?

Pornographers and many (most?) religious people do agree on one thing -- nudism should be eliminated. A conspiracy? No, I don't think so but it is an ironic thought.

Many religious people object to nudity on dogmatic grounds. Unclothed bodies should not be seen. It's interesting that in the Judaeo-Christian tradition (and other traditions) there are references to nudity in scriptures but these are largely ignored. Unclothed bodies should not be seen!

Pornographers don't agree with this position but do know that nudism is bad for business. If nudist and clothing optional resorts, beaches and hot springs grew and became common then the human body would become common place, natural and largely ignored. The market for pornography would dwindle dramatically.

It's easy to understand the goal of pornographers in opposing nudism -- simple monetary gain through any means. It's not so easy to understand the goal of religious people. If nudism was eliminated how would the world be better?

Sometimes, I wonder if the religious opposition to simple nudity is actually a boon to the pornographers.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Why Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?

It's true in math. Multiply two negative numbers and the result is positive.

But, why is it true in law?

A criminal commits a crime and the police violate his consitutional rights and the criminal is not convicted. Interesting! Two crimes result in a free criminal.

The real issue is what's wrong with the legal system? Better yet, why do we have a legal system? What we need is a system of justice. Justice would convict the criminal and convict the police who violated his rights. Two wrongs result in two convictions.

Is justice possible? It's doubtful due to personal ambition, lack of ethics and fear on the part of police, attorneys and judges. The legal system has evolved so that each compartmentalizes his responsibilites and no one feels responsible for justice. It appears no one has the courage or concept of changing the laws.

Justice should be blind but how can educated people be so blind to accept injustice. I wonder if it's possible to change the laws.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Why Am I Doing This?

Aging is fun! It's enjoyable watching myself change. Part of the joy comes from discovering myself doing things that I never considered when younger or found unattractive in the past.

I don't enjoy writing. It's hard work but, for some reason that's still not clear to me, I've decided to do this.

So, why have I decided to create a blog?

I think part of the reason has to do with frustration with the world. It's changing and not all of the changes are improvements. This may be an attempt to sort the good from the bad. It may develop into a means of seeking the good and the noble -- assuming these exist.

For whatever reasons, this is the beginning.