Monday, January 07, 2013


Julie and I had a TV that wouldn't die. It was the old tube style that was large and heavy. The picture wasn't the best and the sound was far from good. Giving up hope of it's demise in our lifetimes we chose to purchase a flat panel. We discussed what to do with the old television and decided to recycle it.

We tied up the power cord, placed the manual and remote control in a zip lock bag, took it to the end of our dirt road and placed it neatly by the mail boxes. Someone took it as we anticipated.

Over the years there have been several items recycled this way -- bicycles, furniture, tools and other items. The most unexpected was an auto.

I was going to work one morning and saw a compact car parked in the middle of the road with a sign on the driver's side window. Curiosity caused to me to stop. The note read "Free car, runs good, keys are in the ignition and the signed title is on the seat." It appeared to be in good shape. When I got home that evening it was gone.

Unfortunately, not everything is recycled. Someone placed a reclining love seat well behind the mail boxes where it is out of the way and, thankfully, mostly out of sight. It had seen it's life and had some frayed cloth covering. That was several months ago and it's still there. The sun, rain, snow and wind have done a good job of reclaiming the materials and it is quickly becoming a skeleton. I go to the land fill once a year. On my next trip I plan on adding the load.


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

We also upgraded our tv this past fall. Our old one ended up in Nova Scotia. A neighbour was moving there, and one of the young movers was happy to load it up and take it home.

1/08/2013 09:33:00 AM  
Blogger Regenia said...

When we moved to NC anything we could not take to Goodwill/Salvation Army we did the same; out in front it went. Within an hour people were stopping to pick stuff up. I was glad to see things could be used.

1/13/2013 04:45:00 AM  

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