Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Reading List

I've lost  -- or failed to keep -- notes about the books I've read over the last two years. Here's an incomplete list in random order of those that I remember.
  • The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own: Insights from a Practicing Neurologist - Richard Restak, MD
  • 11 Days in December: Christmas at the Bulge, 1944 - Stanley Weintraub
  • The Silent Service - William C. Chambliss
  • At Home: A Short History of Private Life - Bill  Bryson
  • The Omnivore's Dilemna: A Natural History of Four Meals - Michael Pollan
  • This Land of Strangers: The Relationship Crisis That Imperils Home, Work, Politics, and Faith - Robert E. Hall
  • The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values - Same Harris
  • Woodbine Red Leader: A P-51 Mustang Ace in the Mediterranean Theater - George Loving
  • Nonviolence - Twenty-five Lessons from the History of a Dangerous Idea - Mark Kurlansky
  • A History of Pi - Petr Beckmann
  • Ten Discoveries That Rewrote History - Patrick Hunt
  • Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Cosmos - Carl Sagan


Blogger Regenia said...

I'll take a look at these. I'll start with the first two!

3/27/2015 05:35:00 AM  

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