Sunday, December 28, 2014


I had another birthday and have begun my sixty-ninth year.  I need to begin thinking about retirement.

Several years ago my supervisor and I made an agreement that we would retire at the same time. Her work environment changed and she chose to retire last August. She phoned last week and said she misses work.

Julie worked half-time for several years before being asked to work full time. She agreed but that lasted about six months. Her work environment changed also and a second grandchild was about to become a reality. She retired. Within a few weeks she returned to work temporarily for a short period to help the department during a transition time. She doesn't miss work and knows she made the right decision.

Recently I was given two requests and didn't have a clue as to how to fulfill them. I began researching options, testing solutions and within a week had both requests finished. I had several really good days in a row and thought about how much I would miss the challenge if I retired.

I read some research that for every year worked past retirement age a person reduces their risk of dementia by 6.3 percent. A good reason to continue working at a job I enjoy.

Last week Julie read an article to me. The author had worked for the Washington Post before retiring. He made some bad choices coupled with risky investments and he is now living at the poverty level in subsidized housing. Continuing to save rather than spending retirement funds is another good reason to continue working.
However, the reality is that all things end. I've got to think about setting a firm date but I think I'll procrastinate for a few months longer. Life is good at work and at home so there's no rush.


Blogger Buffalo said...

As long as one enjoys what they are doing, and isn't detracting from other parts of their life, there is no compelling reason to retire.

12/28/2014 12:21:00 PM  

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