Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Tomatoes

Last fall I chose not to bring containers of tomatoes inside for the winter. Some weeks back in a potted palm I noticed a small plant that had germinated. Curiosity caused me to leave it for a few days to determine what it might be. Before long it displayed the characteristics of a tomato.


Unknown variety of tomatoes.

Last fall I added some compost to the palm and assume the tomato seed was in the compost. I don't recognize the tomato as a variety I've planted. It must have come from a local grocery.

The flavor has been good, the blossoms numerous and the set of fruit consistent. Each day I shake the vines to improve the pollination.

Next weekend I hope to seed tomatoes for the coming season. Until they begin bearing fruit I'm going to care for this welcome volunteer.


Blogger graceonline said...

How interesting! I always understood that compost got hot enough to kill all weed seeds, so this volunteer surprises me. But I suppose there are lots of possible explanations--seed never made it to the interior of the pile, or tomato seeds are not as susceptible to heat for just two that leap to mind.

What's even more surprising is the soil. I would not have suspected that a palm and a tomato could flourish in the same environment. What a winter's gift!

4/07/2012 07:20:00 AM  

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