Thursday, December 15, 2011

For Childhood Hunger Instead

I received an email from one of my sisters with the the following enclosure. I think she and my brother-in-law have a wonderful plan.

December 2011

For Childhood Hunger Instead

It is so extremely sad and distressing to us to know there are children actually dying of starvation across the world. We find it incredible and very troubling that there are hungry children in our own country. How, in this country, can there ever be even one? To us, that is unconscionable.

For the last two years, in memory of our little granddaughter, Natalia, we have made contributions to charitable organizations that benefit children; at Christmas time, for her birthday, as well as any other time of the year we might have been buying little things and celebrating with her.

Our plan was to do the same this year. But we decided to expand the idea by adding an ongoing “project”, at least through December 2012. We’re doing two things to save money to contribute to organizations that specifically fight childhood hunger. First, we are taking the amount of every “savings” and putting it aside as a contribution. This means any discount, any difference between a sale price and regular price, etc. Secondly, we are not doing some things or buying some things that we might normally. We certainly can do without some of the things we want, knowing that there are many, especially children, who don’t have what they need just for survival. So those “saved” monies are also being set aside as a contribution.

To help towards our goal, both this year and next we are only sending Christmas cards to certain individuals, such as elderly friends and/or family who are now much more confined in how often they can be out and about and friends and/or family who are alone or do not have computer access. The money we would spend on cards and stamps is instead to be used as an additional savings for our accumulating contribution. It has been fun and uplifting to see how a dollar or two, even a few pennies here and there, are adding up!

Unfortunately we did not come up with this idea at the beginning of 2011. So at year’s end we will contribute what we have saved thus far and begin again January 1st of 2012. That way we will know how much can be saved to contribute in one entire year.

In the past we have contributed to both the World Vision and Stop Hunger Now organizations. We will continue to make our contributions to them. We know the contributions go to feed children both in our country, as well as Africa, of course; or anywhere across our world where hungry children might be found. For Stop Hunger Now there have been two initiatives at our church. From those two drives we were able to pay for over 90,000 meals! A gym full of people gathered both times to package the meals, making them ready for immediate shipment to any area of need. And that packaging was completed in less than 3 hours total! With World Vision, in addition to contributions to feed hungry children, monies can also donated for much needed clothing, shelter, and/or educational materials for children.

What better thing could we do in Natalia’s memory than to concern ourselves with the needs of children, especially hungry little tummies? We feel comfortable that friends and family will not only understand, but cheer us on. They are that kind of people. We also feel comfortable that they know we wish them an especially blessed Christmas and a healthy, peaceful 2012!


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

From what I can gather here and elsewhere, she's a great lady.

12/16/2011 06:17:00 AM  
Blogger graceonline said...

What a wonderful way to remember their little one, and what a gift for those who haven't enough to eat. Thank you for sharing this. The most disturbing fact about hunger, malnutrition, lack of medical care and fresh water anywhere in the world is that, for a fraction of the United States' annual defense budget, we could solve all these problems. Hunger is a man-made problem.

One day, perhaps sooner than any of us know, we just may wise up and shift our priorities a tad.

12/21/2011 02:50:00 PM  

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