Monday, January 17, 2011


Last fall I wanted to build an addition to the southeast end of our house, an attached greenhouse. Time was short, the weather was changing and the materials weren't to be found in the state. I checked Albuquerque, NM, and southern California but couldn't find a source.

It appears all polycarbonate originates in Wisconsin. Minimum order amounts, crating fees and shipping charges caused me to want more time to plan an attached greenhouse, a garden shed and, perhaps, passive solar heat for a work building that I will build next year. Buying a larger quantity would offset some of the costs.

I watch Craigslist and occasionally find items that are free or a good buy. Recently I saw an add for 6 feet by 12 feet sheets of twin wall polycarbonate. I contacted the seller and discovered he was trying to sell excess materials from a job. The cost was the same as if ordered from the supplier while paying crating and shipping. It wasn't a savings but it was convenience.

Today Julie and I picked up seven sheets, about 500 square feet. I have enough to build the attached greenhouse, a garden shed with a sloped south facing polycarbonate wall and ample cold frames. The greenhouse will include a batch solar hot water heater for the house.

This winter Julie and I are growing tomatoes in the utility room. Next winter I'll be able to grow a wider variety of vegetables.

Life is good and keeps getting better.


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