Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Day

This day began with blue skies and sunshine, a welcome change. Over the last two weeks we've had more continuous cloudy weather than we've seen in the last six years. We've had to run the generator daily to recharge the batteries and we've had to build fires each night to keep the house warm. Last week the forecast for two days was "sunny" but the sun never appeared.

But this day was different. By noon the sun room was 80 degrees and blossoms on tomato plants in the utility room were fully open and shining bright yellow. The batteries filled easily and the generator wasn't needed.

This day saw good progress on the renovation of our bedroom. On Christmas day as we hiked in the Grand Canyon Julie proposed we leave the completion of the kitchen for another week or two and use our week off work to start and complete the bedroom.

We removed the carpet and removed two closet doors and some wall to install a six feet wide bi-fold door. We're in the process of refinishing the walls and installing the closet door. The next steps are to replace the door between the bedroom and hallway and install new flooring. We're on schedule to be finished by Friday.

This day we worked, enjoyed a walk in the sun and finished the last episode of The Forsyte Saga. This day was a good day.


Anonymous Alex Pendragon said...

You do seem to enjoy your share of good days, my friend. To Life!

12/29/2010 08:49:00 PM  

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