Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Bloggers

Over the last few month four new blogs have been created by family members. (I'm biased so I'm saving the best for last.)

My older sister (who is younger than me) created this blog: Meditations of My Heart.

My younger sister (who is also younger than me) agreed to write for my blog about her experiences in South Africa. It appears the holidays, a cantankerous-husband-after-minor-surgery (her opinion, not mine) and a new grand child have delayed the journal. Soon hopefully.

My older brother-in-law (who is younger than me and is married to my older sister who is younger than me) created this blog: As I Gaze Through the Window

A few weeks ago my older sister (who is younger than me) phoned and introduced me to Eric a cousin once or twice removed (however it's to be labeled). Eric is the son of a first cousin whom I haven't seen forty years. Eric graduated from college and moved to Taiwan for seven years. He returned to this country and took two months to travel from New York to Oregon by way of North and South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Nevada,Utah, Arizona and California. He spent Thanksgiving with us. We had a wonderful visit. Hopefully, not his last visit. His blog, aptly named Eric's Oregon Trail, is a journal of his trip. He's a rock climber who has posted some great photos.

Julie (the love of my life, the one who nags me about going to a doctor, the one who pretends to listen to my rantings) has a blog! She named it Part of something bigger.


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