Thursday, December 30, 2010


The house is in shambles, disorganized, cluttered and dusty. Julie vacuums daily, generally more than once, but she can't keep up with the dust we're creating. A large part of the clutter is my tools. We have baseboard, casing and crown molding on one side of the hallway awaiting another coat of paint before installation. New flooring is stacked in the utility room and our bedroom furniture is stashed in other rooms.

I have more tolerance for dust than Julie but neither of us has much tolerance for clutter and disorganization. We're working fast to finish the bedroom renovation and get things cleaned and returned to their proper places.

Today we planned on texturing the walls with hopes of finishing the task by noon. It didn't happen. I have a texturing roller that has vanished. We searched twice and accepted our fate: a trip to town to purchase a roller. By the end of the day the trip was behind us and walls were textured.

Tomorrow we put another coat of paint on the trim, paint the walls and fix one problem with the floor, a problem that we didn't know existed before the carpet was removed. About eighteen inches from the east wall the floor slopes. It appears two adjacent joists are bowed in opposite directions which makes the problem seem worse than it is. It's nothing serious, just a slight cosmetic flaw that I hope to fix before installing the new flooring.

Two or three days of dust and clutter before our world returns to it's orderly state. Anticipation!


Anonymous Alex Pendragon said...

Dude, you gotta endure a little chaos in order to achieve order; crumble a few cookies to get a bakers' dozen, oh, I could go on and on........hehe

You'll survive and bask in your order and new-found perfection!

12/31/2010 07:11:00 PM  

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