Monday, September 28, 2009

Nurse Julie

There is one euphemism that I find irritating. Fixed! As in, "we had our pet fixed". Doesn't make sense. The pet wasn't broken and didn't need to be 'fixed'.

We have a young cat that we had spayed, neutered. We had her broken.

Maggie wearing a collar.
Maggie wearing a collar.

Julie and I have no children together so I've never seen her mothering sick children. However, it's at times like this that I see her maternal instinct. She takes care of the cat like she's a nurse in ICU. Normally we keep the bedroom door closed to keep the cat out day and night so the room is hair and dander free. The last two nights Maggie has slept with us. I've been asked to move furniture to keep Maggie from jumping. I've closed a doorway that has no door to restrict her movement. Special food has been offered since the antibiotic should be taken with food. Food and watering bowls had to be changed temporarily since the normal bowls weren't compatible with the collar to prevent her from licking the incision. She lifts Maggie to and from elevated furniture rather than permitting her to jump.

Maggie wearing an ace bandage.
Maggie wearing an ace bandage.

Yesterday Julie became concerned that Maggie couldn't groom herself while wearing the collar so the fixed an ace bandage around her midsection and removed the collar temporarily. Maggie immediately began an hour long grooming session and became more perky.

I enjoy watching Julie take care of Maggie. It's reassuring. If I ever get old and sick then I know she'll talk good care of me. I think Maggie and I are fortunate to have a nurse.


Blogger Malcolm said...

Maggie sure has winning eyes, especially noticeable in the bandage picture. Loved the account of the tender nursing she reeives!

9/30/2009 02:07:00 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Don't assume anything. Julie might not think you're as important as the cat. :)

10/01/2009 02:06:00 PM  

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