Saturday, September 05, 2009


We almost made it under sunny skies. About 36 miles south of Panguitch a dark cloud just to our west began dropping warnings of impending rain.

Sometimes I think I live a charmed life and that was one of those times. I began looking for place to pull over and get dressed for rain. I noticed a sign that said 'rest area one-half mile'. Perfect! We traveled US 89 the entire trip and it was the only rest stop I saw over the 288 miles. After dressing for rain we traveled the eastern side of the cloud and never felt more than a few drops occasionally.

Panguitch, meaning 'big fish' in Paiute, is a town of about 2000 population and has one intersection with flashing four way stop lights. The bed and breakfast, The Red Brick Inn of Panguitch, dates from 1919 and was the Panguitch Hospital. The doctor and his wife, a midwife, lived in part of the hospital where they raised six children.

Peggy, the owner, has been gracious. She is a relaxed person who doesn't require registration forms, enforce arbitrary rules or shun conversation. She keeps chickens and serves fresh eggs. Since the Inn is closed in the winter and she returns to a home in California I asked what he does with the chickens. "Oh, I return them to the owner. I just borrow them for the summer."

I didn't notice one detail until Julie mentioned it. There are no keys for the guest rooms. Personally, I like relaxed and informal.

This morning I woke to dark skies and the sound of rain on the roof. We had asked for breakfast at 7:30 so we had a leisurely start to the day. After eating we walked around town. Julie stopped at a thrift shop operated by volunteers for the local hospital. She bought a long-sleeved tee shirt for $1. Today was half-off day. I noticed a group of motorcycles with license plates from British Columbia. I spoke to one man and learned they had left Mexico yesteray morning. There were 450 in the rally riding from Canada to Mexico and back.

After the fog and clouds lifted we rode to Cedar Breaks National Monument and hiked a portion of a trail that led past a 1,600 year old Bristlecone Pine. On our return to Panguitch we saw a down pour as we neared town. We arrived to wet steets and rain about a mile beyond our destination. Once again we enjoyed the edge of the cloud. Later in the day we walked to a coffee shop in a pleasant shower that felt wonderful.

The day ended with a ride to a restaurant in Hatch, about 17 miles south. The clouds were spotty and the setting sun was bright. We had supper at an outside table before walking to an antique store across from the restaurant. The lady who owns the business is a talker who has never met a stranger. We bought nothing but enjoyed he conversation.

That's a small glimpse into a few moments of our day. As I read it, I'm convinced I live a charmed life -- or as least I lived charmed day. Everything was great!


Blogger Malcolm said...

It's so wonderful to share these journeys I will never take - it's great to be let in to these areas of your charmed life! Thank you.

9/06/2009 02:49:00 AM  
Blogger Alex Pendragon said...

Stuck here at the Hold as usual.....thanks for the flight of fancy!

9/06/2009 12:46:00 PM  

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