Tuesday, September 08, 2009

874 Miles

Sunday morning started cool, bright and cloudless. We had found a hot springs about 70 miles north that looked attractive in the photos on the web so we made that our destination for the day.

On the trip north we passed the childhood home of Butch Cassidy and The Big Rock Candy Mountain that is known by some through the title given to a song. However, it appears the song preceded the naming of the mountain.
Shortly after the release of the song in 1928, some local residents, as a joke, placed a sign at the base of cluster of some brightly-colored hills a short distance north of Marysvale, Utah near Fishlake National Forest naming it “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” They also placed a sign next to a nearby spring proclaiming it “Lemon Springs.” The Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort currently sits at the base of the hills and is a major hub in the Paiute ATV trail. Wikipedia

When we arrived in town we couldn't find the springs since only a few streets were marked with signs. I phoned to get directions and was told the springs were "awesome". We found them but neither Julie nor I felt awe. The large fiberglass swimming pool had been abandoned. In the deep end a healthy stand of cat tails were growing. The source of the water was on a hill behind the pools so we kept open yet skeptical minds and walked up the hill looking for awe. We never found it though we did find plenty of decay around the premises. It had looked so good in the photos. We chose to change our plans and mapped an alternate route back to Panguitch through some remote land with different scenery.

When we arrived back at the B and B our hostess met us at the door and said "I'm glad you're back". She went on to explain that her nephew had driven the road to Bryce Canyon and had passed a motorcycle accident. The road was covered with blood and men were holding up sheets to hide the body (or bodies) from passing traffic.

We've been in Utah on Sundays and knew it might be a challenge to find meals. On Sunday evening we checked the restaurants in the center of the town and found them closed. We walked several blocks north to check on the only remaining restaurant and found it open. The menu wasn't filled with healthy choices but we didn't leave hungry.

At the booth behind us an old gentleman talked constantly. When I went to the register to pay he was still talking and asking about the building in 1947. The clerk pointed out the original portion and the additions since then. Next, the gentleman asked about employees and discovered one woman who had been an employee in 1947 was still working and was in the dining room at the moment. He turned to the woman with him and explained he was going into the dining room to speak to the waitress. He had traveled through Panguitch in 1947 and had eaten at the restaurant and she might be the person who had served him.

On Monday morning we arranged breakfast at 7 AM. Peggy, the owner of the bed and breakfast, served us and asked if she might join us. We sat with her eating and talking for an hour. Julie asked if she shared her recipes and was told that she shared all of them and would email that to her. It was a good ending to an enjoyable stay.

We stopped in Kanab, Utah, for coffee and Page, Arizona, for lunch. Our last stop was in Cameron, Arizona, at the historic trading post for cold drinks and fruit. We arrived home after traveling a total of 874 miles.

I was pleased with the motorcycle. In Marysvale a man walked over and asked "1982 or 83?". I replied it was a 1983 model. He said that he had a 2007 model now but had owned a 1982 model and had put 107,000 miles on it. On our trip we passed 134,000 miles. I was cautious when I bought the motorcycle but the man I bought it from had owned it since February of 1984, had maintenance records and spare parts and had kept it in a garage. I looked at his property, his garage and the other things he owned and knew he took care of his property. His wife is 72 and no longer rides with him so he bought a new cruiser and decided to sell the Interstate. After this trip, I'm convinced we made a good frugal choice.

Rest break between Page, AZ, and Kanab, UT.
Rest break between Page, AZ, and Kanab, UT. (Larger version)

Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Cedar Breaks National Monument. (Larger version)

Julie preparing for a cool morning.
Julie preparing for a cool morning. (Larger version)


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