Friday, June 12, 2009

Colorado Weather

The trip to Leadville was postponed and plans for a raft trip were discarded due to weather. Yesterday we planned a hike to the highest railroad tunnel in the country but rain, thunder and lightning decided otherwise.

We settled on a day trip to Salida and had an enjoyable time between rain showers. Late in the afternoon we took the short hike to Agnes Vaille falls.

Today, rain or shine, we go to Leadville!

Painted Tree.
Painted tree near the spiral drive in Salida, Colorado. We saw this tree from the top of the observation point and hiked down for a closer inspection.

A group of kayakers were playing in the river at Salida.

Below Agnes Vaille Falls.
Below Agnes Vaille Falls. Agnes was born in 1890 and loved the mountains of Colorado. She and a friend, Jo Witchey,set out to explore the higest peaks. During a winter climb of Long's Peak Agnes fell and froze to death before rescuers arrived. Jo moved to the area of the falls and named it in memory of her friend.


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