Tuesday, June 09, 2009

St. Elmo and Mt. Princeton Hot Springs

Monday, June 8 - St. Elmo, Mt. Princeton hot springs.

Today, Tuesday, we are going to Breckenridge to meet friends from Texas for coffee and to browse the town.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Julie and I hope to rent bicycles and ride the Mineral Trail around Leadville. Two years ago we walked part of the trail but would like to ride the entire loop. Leadville is at 10,152 feet so it's no surprise that the forecast is calling for a half-inch of snow tonight. (A trivia fact: Leadville has the highest airport in North America.)

Arkansas River near Buena Vista, Colorado.
We are staying at a campground above the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, Colorado. (Larger version)

Feeding a chipmunk.
Julie feeding sunflower seeds to a chimpmunk. St. Elmo has no shortage of chipmunks. I stood in one place and counted 20. (Larger version)

St. Elmo, Colorado, ghosttown.
We enjoyed the old architecture of the ghost town of St. Elmo. (Larger version)

St. Elmo main street.
Buildings on the main street in St. Elmo. (Larger version)

Homemade camper.
View inside a homemade camper. We met a couple who live off the grid near Taos, New Mexico, and are traveling in a homemade camper. I enjoyed talking with the couple. He is a musician who plays bagpipes in renaissance festivals and she is a ski instructor in the winter and a river guide in the summer. Interesting spirits. (Larger version)

Self portrait in a window. (Larger version)


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