Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Week in Photos

Daily clouds building in the west.
Daily clouds building in the west. It rained lightly and briefly almost every day but the ground remained dry other than the top quarter inch of soil.

New window installed.
New window installed. Between rain showers we replaced all the windows in the house with vinyl, low-E, argon filled windows with a U-value of point 3. The next task is to install new external trim. The trim inside the house will wait until early fall.

Colorful perennial flowers.
Colorful perennial flowers. Last spring a co-worker asked that I find someone to care for her yard. I did but the lady quit after planting a few annuals. I planted several perennials, extended the drip system and did a few other tasks. This spring I was asked to plant more. When I asked for a budget I was told it didn't matter. "I want lots of color." Enjoyable work! I'm considering doing this type of work as a part-time job in the future. It's outside, it's rewarding and I don't sit in a chair!

Raised bed water lines ready for burial.
Raised bed water lines ready for installation. Julie and I assembled this in short order.

Installed water lines.
Notice the vertical pipe coming out of the ground in the bottom of the photo? This is a temporary hose connection that I'll use until I can get the cisterns filled and connected to the garden.


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