Monday, December 06, 2010

First Weekend in December

I'm back to work after a weekend of work.
  • Hauled four loads of water and filled the cistern to within 50 gallons of full.
  • Cut one load of firewood. I have enough for the winter but would like to get one more load. I have a permit that is good through December 12.
  • Installed the last piece of counter top. The piece was damaged in shipping and reordered. The new piece did not align properly with it's mate so a chisel and few minutes of time were required to fix the problem.
  • Reversed the refrigerator doors, finished reversing some cabinet doors, adjusted door alignment and installed the last of the knobs and drawer pulls. I built two jigs to install the hardware. I have no need for the jigs in the future but I think I'll save them.
  • Built a small cabinet to hold a cell phone and hide the antenna cable and power cord.
Misaligned Counter Top. Misaligned counter top. I used a chisel on each piece of counter top to align the slots for the clamp.

Cabinet hardware. Cabinet Hardware. Jigs made installation simple and fast.

Cell Phone Station. Cell Phone Station. An antenna on the roof is connected by a cable to the top of the cell phone. Without an antenna we wouldn't have phone service. The cable is hidden by the upper cabinet. The power cord is hidden behind the small cell phone cabinet. The cell phone connects to the silver box above the fire extinguisher via bluetooth. The power cord and phone cord for the silver box are hidden by the refrigerator. We use standard house phones to make and receive calls through the cell phone. We need to be able to see the lights on the silver box (Dock-N-Talk) to know that the cell phone and Dock-N-Talk are mated by bluetooth.


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