Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Working Vacation

I knew weeks ago that the timing of our trip to Santa Fe would conflict with work responsibility. I've kept a cell phone and laptop close. Thus far I've worked almost 12 hours while trying to join in on group activities as much as possible. I don't mind the responsibility and am grateful for my job and co-workers.

For me the highlights of today were visits to the Santa Fe farmer's market and a nursery. The Flagstaff farmer's market is held in two parking lots on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. By contrast, Santa Fe has permanent facilities that include water sources, shade for vendors, a building for indoor vendors and restrooms. Impressive.

Santa Fe Farmer's Market.
Santa Fe Farmer's Market..

There is a nursery in Albuquerque that specializes in high elevation xeric plants. A nursery in Santa Fe is associated with the Albuquerque nursery and carries many of their plants. Julie and I perused a catalog over the last month and visited the local nursery today. Saturday we plan on purchasing some items that we can't find locally.

Santa Fe Farmer's Market.
Julie browsing flowers at the Santa Fe farmer's market..

I finished reading the last of Sapolsky's essays and went in search of a book. I found a used copy of Oliver Sacks' An Anthropologist on Mars. This vacation is a combination of work, browsing, reading and being somewhat lazy. Enjoyable!


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