Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best - Part 4

Our last day began with an easy walk to the area below Point Huitizil. We found the trail and being moving to the base of the point.

The photos tell the story of the climb.

When we arrived at the top it was nearing dark. Using the topo map I entered approximate latitude and longitude for the ranger station and we made our way cross country through trees, snow and rocky gound using headlamps most of the way. When we got near the station we shut off the GPS and turned about 45 degrees left. In the dark we could easily miss the building among the trees but we couldn't miss the road between South Bass trailhead and the station. Todd had the brighest headlamp so he took the lead. We came out of the trees and found the road. As soon as he stepped in the road he called back "stay out of the road!" The mud was deep. We walked the remainder of the way beside the road and found the station.

Julie had put three drinks, some blue corn chips and peanuts in the car. They lasted only a few minutes. It was late and I didn't feel like cooking supper.

My son turned on his cell phone and Todd and I laughed at him for expecting a signal. The laugh was on us. His phone indicate 911 service only. Was he getting signal? I turned on my phone, had no bars but got a scratchy call through to Julie in Dallas. That was the perfect ending. Nothing could have been better then hearing her voice.

We set an alarm for 4 AM and called it a night. It was a strange experience to go to sleep hoping for freezing temperatures in the mid-twenties or lower.

At four we got up, packed the last items and started home. The road was frozen.

Why was this one of my best trips? I'll explain that tomorrow in part 5 of 5.

Point Huitzil.
Point Huitzil is in the left half of the photo. There's a route out of the canyon to the top of the point. (Larger version)

Base of Point Huitzil.
Beginning the climb. (Larger version)

Todd rounds a slick rock point.
Todd rounds a slick rock point. (Larger version)

Taking a break.
Taking a break. (Larger version)

Climbing the steps.
Climbing the steps. (Larger version)

More slick rock.
More slick rock. (Larger version)

Todd photographing petroglyphs.
Todd photographing petroglyphs. (Larger version)

The crack containing the log ladder.
The crack containing the log ladder. (Larger version)

I'm standing above the crack.
I'm standing by the exit above the crack. See the larger photo. (Larger version)

Waiting to climb.
My son is waiting for Todd and me to move so he can climb the ladder. (Larger version)

Exiting the crack.
My son exits the crack. (Larger version)

Looking back.
Looking back on our climb. (Larger version)

Snow in the background.
Snow in the background. Fortunately the sun hit the area we climbed and there was no snow. (Larger version)

Group photo at the top.
Group photo at the top. (Larger version)

Sleeping at the ranger station.
My son preparing for a night on the porch of the ranger station. (Larger version)


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Are you guys NUTS?! That looked dangerous as hell! Awesome pictures of an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing!

3/23/2010 08:03:00 PM  

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