Saturday, February 27, 2010


A package arrived today, a box of books. Most of my reading material I purchased from a local used book store. Every few months after reading several books I would take a box of books back to the bookstore and sell them. It was a perfect arrangement until the roof feel in last month during the large snow store. I heard the entire inventory was lost.

A few months ago a blogging friend in New England recommended Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky. We found the book at the local library but someone placed a hold on it before we finished it and we couldn't renew it. We read enough to know it's a book we want to read.

Books to read.

I decided to buy the book and went in search of it. I found it and some other books by that were reasonably priced and highly rated by readers. I've seen Sapolsky interviewed briefly on two programs that aired on PBS in the last couple years which also affected my decision. I bought three of his books.

A few years ago I realized my reading had become too narrow. I read only non-fiction related to World War II. I've broken that habit and am reading more widely but I've confined myself to non-fiction. For some reason novels aren't satisfying.

I've broken the habit but occasionally dip into my comfort zone. I'm nearing the finish of Operation Iceberg by Gerald Astor. It's an oral history of seventy-eight men who fought in the battle for Okinawa. Their memories after fifty years are at times it rough, painful, moving, disturbing.

As soon as I finish this book I'll find another to read by myself. Julie and I will read Sapolsky's books together and discuss them.


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