Friday, March 12, 2010

Four and One-half Hours

In four and one-half hours, at 3 AM, we'll be getting up to leave for the trailhead while the ground is frozen.

Next Thursday we'll come out of the canyon and, assuming the road is passable, drive home. If necessary we'll spend a night at the trailhead to give the road time to freeze and get home sometime Friday. Or, we may pick up the pace and get back to the rim on Wednesday afternoon and camp at the trailhead until about 4 AM.

Max and backpack.
Max helping pack for the trip.

I weighed myself and pack -- 251 pounds -- about 10 pounds heavier then normal. I'm going prepared for snow on the rim and predicted temperatures of almost 80 by the river.

My son and I have not done anything like this in almost twenty years. This promises to be a great trip.

So, until Thursday night or Friday......


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I'm reading 6 hours later, so you're on your way. Have fun.

3/13/2010 04:46:00 AM  

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