Tuesday, March 02, 2010


One of the enjoyable things related to blogging is monitoring visits to the blog. There are a few subjects and a few photos that lead visitors to my blog from search engines. Photos I took in Mexico frequently bring visitors. This isn't a surprise.

The one that has surprised me the most is a photo that I used in a post containing the word "bald" multiple times. I didn't use "bald" in the caption on the photo. Every few days someone finds this photo and comes to the blog. Today someone visited after searching for "bald head pics". Why are people searching for photos of bald men? I find that a little strange and intriguing.

Bald photos.
My photo is in the bottom center. I'm drinking a cup tea.

Another curiosity is why my photo is being returned as number six out of 135,000 photos. I'm listed before photos of Brittney bald!

Hmmm? Maybe I need to publish a calendar with twelve bald photos.

I am amused by this.

The original post contains the full sized photo. I have another amusement related to this photo. I think I'll write about that tomorrow.


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