Sunday, January 10, 2010

Failed Plans

I enjoy my blog. In a variety of ways I get pleasure from it. Over the Christmas break I planned on writing several posts but there wasn't time. I have a backlog of ideas, some dating from a year ago but my plans seem to get bumped by other items.

Also over the break I planned on filling all my cisterns but in the end I had the task one-half completed. I discovered a small leak at the bulkhead on one cistern which was due to the wind that shifted the cistern a few weeks back. I inspected it and tried to tighten it by hand and it moved slightly so I took a wrench to it. Something snapped and the drip became a small stream. I pumped about 800 gallons in the next cistern before dark and freezing temperatures. I let about two or three hundred gallons run out on the ground and searched the web for a source for a new bulkhead in case I couldn't find one in town. The next morning I removed the part and it looked OK. No cracks, no stripped threads, nothing. I reinstalled it and pumped about 300 gallons back into the tank and it was fine. The threads on the two pieces were manufactured to fit snug so I assume it was in a bind from being rotated by the wind and slipped one thread when I tightened it. However, I couldn't detect any damage to the threads. After fixing the problem I went to get another load of water and learned the water station was having problems and water wasn't available. Another plan off track.

We had reservations in Colorado for two nights between Christmas and New Year. We made the reservations last last January. It would have been our seventh visit to this hot spring. "Would have been" because there was a mistake. We were given a written card with the correct dates but other dates were entered into the computer. When we arrived all rooms were filled. To their credit they offered to pay for a room at local inn.

The power supply on my laptop failed on Christmas eve. I discovered that if I twisted the power cord as it entered the module that power was restored. I wrapped the cord around the unit and taped it securely. It worked for a little over 24 hours and failed again. I had always wondered about the design of the components inside these sealed units. I cracked the case open with hopes of soldering the bad connection but found a repair impossible.

We installed the tile in the utility room on New Year's eve. At about 4:35 I was nearing the end of the job when I realized I was going to run out of thinset. Julie phoned the closest lumber yard. They were closing at five and it would have taken me 30 minutes to drive. I had to leave the last three pieces for a few days. Ironically, today I was searching for an item in my shed and found an unopened bag that I purchased weeks ago when I planned the job because I knew I would need an extra bag. A good plan with a bad memory.

Even though several of my plans didn't materialize or were delayed it was a good break. We watched some excellent videos and I finished reading a fascinating book. Julie invited friends for a meal on New Year's day and we had a good time. We saw bighorn sheep, bald eagles and a beautiful snow. Several good things happened without a plan.

Since our Colorado trip was a bust we discussed doing something next weekend when we have four days off. We put a plan together, made sure the reservations were correct, laid out passports and other items and are looking forward to next Friday morning.

Hopefully, this plan will succeed. If not, it will definitely be an adventure.


Blogger Tim Hodgens said...

Let's see what sprouts up in that area where the water spilled out.

1/11/2010 05:30:00 AM  
Blogger Alex Pendragon said...

Passports? Uh-oh.......PLEASE don't go South of the's a killing spree down there!

1/11/2010 08:29:00 PM  

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