Tuesday, December 22, 2009

17 Days

I had planned for seventeen uninterrupted days to finish the utility room at a leisurely pace. Last Wednesday I turned in the form for a few days vacation and learned I needed to work one day. Yesterday I went with nine co-workers to Arizona State University in Phoenix for a three hour meeting. I left home at 6:15 AM, drove over 350 miles and returned about 6:15 PM. Neither a pleasant nor productive day. But, duty and obligation are duty and obligation.

So, three normal days off, one day of work and today began 13 days off.

Last weekend I installed a drain for the washer and the gas line for the dryer. Today I completed some final work, insulated a small area, nailed the last piece of drywall in place and completed the first phase of finishing the drywall. Over the next twelve days I'll lay the tile, install the ceiling, install overhead lights, hang the interior door, texture the walls, paint, build two steps, install trim and construct a platform to elevate the washer and dryer. Depending on progress, I may begin designing and constructing a cabinet for the water pump that I installed in one corner. The last item to be finished will be a counter on the south wall to provide a work surface and to hide water barrels that will store heat for cold nights.

I have another goal. I'm going to fill every cistern before going back to work on January 4. I'll need twenty-two loads of water. I've hauled six thus far and plan on getting two loads each day. This will insure I have sufficient water for the spring garden.

Julie and I have reservations in Ridgway, Colorado for two nights next week. We made the reservations last January and are anticipating another relaxing getaway.

It's going to be an enjoyable and relaxing two weeks.


Blogger Alex Pendragon said...

That's it, I've decided to simply live my life vicariously through you, Paul. "Here" me will toil and slave away to pay the bills while "There" me gets to do all those fascinating, interesting things you do.

I like my coffee with two sugars and a cream, please.........

12/23/2009 06:18:00 AM  

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