Sunday, December 13, 2009

Concrete Planters for an Herb Garden

We have seven new concrete planters.

Julie was in the University Surplus Sales warehouse taking care of some task for her job. She noticed seven benches with concrete bases. She phoned me proposing we buy the benches, remove the cushions and use the concrete bases as planters for an herb garden that she plans to create. When I saw the benches I knew she had a winning idea.

We bought the benches for $5 each, a small pallet of retaining wall block and scheduled pick up for last Friday. We need the block to extend a small wall that we built last year with block purchased from a couple advertising on Craig's list.

Benches to be converted to planters.
Six of seven benches to be converted to planters. The cushions have been removed from two of the concrete bases to show the open interior. (Larger version)

When we picked up the benches and block I was asked if I wanted some other pallets of pavers, brick, and larger block. I replied that I had purchased only the small block. Because there weren't many of each item the supervisor gave them to us.

This morning I unloaded the trailer as it began to rain lightly. I assumed it was a small shower that would end soon but I was mistaken. It continued to rain steadily and the drops grew larger. By the time I finished the rain had soaked through my coveralls and the back of my shirt. It was 41 degrees, a cold rain and a light wind. It felt wonderful. It rains so rarely that being out in any rain feels wonderful. When I got back to the house Julie had a breakfast burrito waiting for me.

Next summer as I watch Julie care for her herb garden I'll have good memories of this morning.


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