Thursday, October 13, 2005

Call Me an SOB

I like earthy, genuine people.

For some reason I'm attracted to people who don't wear suits and ties; people who have a few hairs out of place; people who have a weathered look from too much time in the sun; people who know how to use expletives in an artistic sort of way; people who don't know the definition of 'politically correct'; people who have experienced pain but survived with humor and character.

For some reason I find this type of person relaxing. With them life is never a guessing game. I don't mind them calling me a sonofabitch because it tells me where they are at the moment. They let me know where I stand -- good and bad.

But, the type of person I find attractive has, beneath the outer rough veneer, a core of integrity, compassion and heart. They embody qualities that I admire and respect.

One of the blogs that I read is Buffalo's Path. Buffalo can be somewhat profane when writing about drinking, women and song. He describes himself: "I am a freedom loving, flag waving American. An unashamed Vietnam Vet. Politically I'm somewhere between a Libertarian and an Anarchist. I don't apologize for being a hedonistic, rum drinking, politically incorrect, harley riding, sometimes ill-tempered man. I have no patience for hypocrites, fanatics of any persuasion, bigots and those who know what is best for me."

You would think I wouldn't like Bufflo bacause I don't drink and don't give a damn about the flag and patriotism. You'd be wrong. I like the guy because he's not perfect at hiding his true self. His core comes out in his post about suffering and his post about his mother.

I like Buffalo because he's not perfect and he's struggling to deal with life.

I like Buffalo because he's just like me.


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