Friday, April 16, 2010

Late Again

April 15 is significant for two reasons.

First, it's the beginning of snake season. Two years ago I saw the first rattlesnake in the yard on April 15.

Second, it's the beginning of hummingbird season.

Last year I decided to hang a nectar feed on the Saturday closest to April 15. On that morning I was working near the deck when I heard that distinctive sound. One or two birds arrived a couple hours early before I hung the feeder.

It happened again this year. I was a little late. Today I planned to put out a feeder. As we were having breakfast I saw a bird outside the windows checking the empty shepherds crooks.

I got one feeder ready, took it out and got buzzed by an impatient and hungry bird.

I've been looking forward to their return. Since we decided to let the cats outside we stopped feeding birds to protect the ground feeders. However, hummingbirds should be safe. We'll not put feeders on the deck as in previous years so they should be fine.


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