Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Addendum

The wind has been blowing for over 24 hours. As we drove home the sky above the desert to the east of the house was tinted red by blowing dust. The layer of dust extended a few hundred feet above the ground. On Interstate 40 a sign warned drivers that the road was closed at mile post 235. I assumed the closure was due to reduced visibility caused by blowing dust.

After work I walked around the house and out buildings to check on things. I try to keep things out of the wind or secured if in the wind.
  • About eight tabs on roof shingles are standing up or missing.
  • One full trash can fell over and the lid came off. Things stayed in the can.
  • An old empty plastic container bound for the recycling center moved about 200 feet.
  • About 10 sheets of corrugated metal tossed their concrete weights and moved a few feet.
  • Three empty barrels fell over.
  • The top boards on a stack of lumber blew off.
  • And other items moved a few feet up to 150 feet.
Nothing was damaged or lost. I returned them to their proper locations and added more concrete weights.

It would seem like a good time for generating electricity but not so. Yesterday evening the winds weren't so strong and production was up. Today, however, the winds were too strong. At 35 MPH the generator engages a braking system and stops turning to prevent damage to itself.

Actually, I enjoy the wind. It seems as natural to the area as antelope, sunsets and brown bunch gresses. There's something relaxing and comforting about the wind.


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