Thursday, April 08, 2010

Feeding the Hungry

Julie and I always pack lunch. It's rare that we eat out.

Last week Julie made a concoction of rice, black beans, chicken and Mexican spices from left overs. I packed fruit for both of (bananas, apples, oranges), blue corn chips for her and a whole wheat tortilla for myself.

When I arrived at work I put the fruit and CorningWare cup in the kitchen fridge. At lunch time I opened the fridge and saw the container of fruit but not the CorningWare cup. The side-by-side fridge is always packed so I searched all shelves, the two drawers in the bottom and the freezer section. Nothing! I found a cup identical to mine except the lid was discolored and had black smudges on it. My lid had a 'P' on the top to distinguish it from Julie's which has a 'J'.

I'm not concerned that someone took my lunch. I'm happy to feed the hungry but would have preferred the return of the empty container which never happened.

My lunch that day was fruit, tortilla and water. This happened the day my sister and brother-in-law arrived. We had planned supper in town about 6:30 PM. By that time I was definitely happy to feed the hungry and enjoyed my meal immensely.


Blogger jules said...

I'll bet that the cup you found WAS yours, and the discolored lid with the black smudges was yours too, where someone tried to remove the 'P'. Was it in black marker? That will smudge if someone tries to wash it off.

At least they could have written a note as to how much they enjoyed the food.

4/13/2010 12:46:00 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Jules, the cup had soup in it and looked like it had been used by some mechanic without washing his hands. This cup disappeared also but reappeared again a few days later.

My guess is that someone has a wife who packs his lunch and he didn't know what was in the cup. He ate it, took it home then realized it wasn't his but didn't return it.

4/13/2010 01:18:00 PM  

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