Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer 2008 Photos (3 of 4)

A rabbit between the glass and the bird netting reads the vegetarian recipe. (Larger version)

Horned lizard.
Julie holds a young horned lizard that we encountered on an early morning walk. (Larger version)

Tomato Horn Worm.
Tomato Horn Worm. We elevated potted tomatoes on 55 gallon drums of water to protect them from rabbits. The only protection from worms is a daily inspection. (Larger version)

Unidentified caterpillar.
A caterpillar climbs the bird netting outside the sun room. I left him to his journey but wondered what he would do when he encountered the guttering at the top of the net. (Larger version)

A hot jackrabbit hides in the shade of tomatoe plants. When I found him he never moved. This is the closest I've ever been to a jackrabbit. Normally they are elusive. (Larger version)


Blogger Tim Hodgens said...

I'm gonna save that photo of the Tomato Horn Worm for reference for my next year's batch of tomato plants

9/24/2008 10:14:00 AM  
Blogger Buffalo said...

Our tomatoes did so poorly I don't think a self respecting worm would want to be caught clambering around on the plants.

9/24/2008 01:09:00 PM  
Blogger MojoMan said...

Wonderful photos. I still hope to visit your part of AZ some day.

I grew tomatoes on the deck this year and had horn worms, too, but each was carrying dozens of little white parasites. I'm not sure if they were flies or wasps, but I moved the caterpillars to less-important parts of my tomato plants, figuring it was best to let the parasites complete their life cycle. That was my little contribution to the world of integrated pest management.

9/28/2008 07:16:00 AM  

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