Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer 2008 Photos (1 of 4)

Dead heading a pot of flowers.
Julie dead heading a pot of flowers. By the end of the summer the mass of blossoms had more than doubled and the pot was hidden. (Larger version)

Yellow headed blackbirds.
In the fading light right after sunset one evening two yellow headed blackbirds began digging for seed below a feeder. This is the only time we've seen these blackbirds in the yard. (Larger version)

Setting sun.
Setting sun. (Larger version)

Bullock's Oriole.
Bullock's Oriole. One of the perches on the feeder was broken off in a accident which turned out to our advantage. By turning the broken perch away from the house we always had the birds feed where we could see them. (Larger version)

Rabbit tail.
On a morning walk I found a rabbit tail but not its former owner. (Larger version)


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