Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Aborigine Wisdom from a Novel

I discovered a novel entitled "Mutant Message From Forever" after reading a comment by "Thom". A little research uncovered the following summary of the book's message. There is some controversy over the book, the author and a previous book. In spite of the controvery I found the following, which came from Philosophize With Manfred interesting.

1. Express your individual creativity
Everyone has a special, personal gift or talent (E.g. story telling, listening, caring, writing, compassion, etc.). It is our job to find it and develop it.

2. Be aware of your responsibility
You are a guest on this planet. Leave it as you found it. You are responsible for all living beings (nature, etc.), your promises, the results of your actions, your body, as well as the results of your sexual acts.

3. Before you were born you promised to help the others
The human experience is not the journey of a sole individual. We are expected to help and support each other. As one of our key thoughts should be "What action would benefit the total of all beings"? All beings form a team.

4. Pursue emotional maturity
We are able to express a wide range of emotions (from negative to positive). We should be disciplined and chose our emotions. This is similar to the motto: "We are as happy as we allow ourselves to be". Everything in life goes in circles. If we chose our emotions positively we can close all the circles without dangling threads, i.e. without negative effects. Negative emotions are good to have in the early years of our life so we know what they are, how they feel, to make us understand better, and to avoid them in the future.
Emotions affect our physical state. Examples could be that "happiness or laughter can make us healthy" or "anger gives us headache or stomach ulcers". Behind the physical is the meta-physical -- the spiritual, the consciousness. We are encouraged to ask ourselves what meta-physical cause is behind the physical problem: E.g. if your back hurts, ask what spiritual problems you have in your life, ask what you can learn from this situation.
Happiness and laughter/smile are important for well-being. We are encouraged to proactively look for motives to feel happy.
We should be truthful [read "no lying"] at all moments.

5. You should entertain (yourself as well as others)
Don't be a spectator all the time. Entertain others too!

6. Learn to use and administer your energy
We can't create or destroy energy. We can just use, mold and redistribute energy. Every word we say or act we do has energy. Use words in a positive way.

7. Be revitalized through music
Music can be part of the individual creativity. But music is so important that it is made a separate rule. Music can heal our mind and bodies. Music is the language of our soul.

8. Reach the wisdom
Wisdom and knowledge is quite distinct. Intelligence and wisdom are also different. Wisdom takes into consideration the well-being of all involved parts. Wisdom furthermore takes into consideration that we are all one team, that we are guest on Mother Earth and that we are one with the creator.

9. Learn to self-discipline yourself
Do this to assure a peaceful life and for the good of the planet. Self-discipline can help us to keep negative emotions at bay and to reach wisdom. It is necessary to control the emotions to be able to listen to the communication between body and soul.
Learn to distinguish what says your mind and what says your soul. The voice of the brain is a product of society while the voice of your soul is a message from the eternity.

10. Observe without judging
Observe and don't judge! Some refer to it also as "unconditional love". We are all created from the same Source/Creator and we are all created (spiritually) perfect.
You should not judge people even if they perform actions that do not conform with your beliefs. If there is something that you dislike simply do not channel energy (words, actions, thoughts) into it, don't make it part of your way. If you judge, also learn how to forgive (yourself, the others, the situation). All that exists is part of the Divine Order, and is born perfect. Sometimes however we chose to live below our capabilities. If we work hard day-by-day to reach our full potential we will make the world a better place. If we follow this path our life will reach the closing of a golden circle.


Blogger Thom said...

I was aware of some controversy around the author but did not know it's depths. I consider all books to be fiction beacause they are only part of the truth behind the story. The story still makes a thoughtful point.

10/19/2005 08:52:00 AM  

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