Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To Daniel

Daniel, I received the following comment from you.

"I fucken swear - if I ever catch the bastard that came up with blogging I'll fucken kill him. This shite is just ridiculous and I don't even care if you realise you are embarassing yourself on an international stage. And you can file this comment under "rebellion" OR "surprise"."

Daniel, I know you're upset but I'm not certain why. It appears you disagree with my beliefs, values or opinions. That's OK.

I get the impression that you are young. I, too, used to be rigid, opinionated and saw the world in blacks and whites with no room for shades of gray. I learned to be more tolerant and when I did I began to realize that others had opinions that were valid -- some more valid than mine. Tolerance made my life better because I felt less stress living in a world that wasn't structured the way I thought it should be.

Are you married? Marriage is tough in today's world. I failed at my first marriage and spent several years single in order to have time to identify my mistakes and my part in the failure. I finally began to realize how I contributed to the divorce. If I had it to do over again I would have responded to my wife with less rigidity and less impulsive anger. I hope you learn this lesson.

Do you have children or do you hope to have children some day? You'll be a better father if you learn to respond from a position of wisdom and tolerance. I can remember some of my poor choices as a child and I can remember my father's response. I grew up feeling good about myself because he gave me the freedom to be myself and didn't try to force me into a mold that he preferred.

Daniel, it's OK to disagree. More important than our opinions is the person that we are and the person that we are becoming. Should you return to my blog I hope we can relate to one another with tolerance, respect and lovingkindness.


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