Friday, September 16, 2005

Life Worth Living

What is my focus,
my core,
that which excites and motivates me?

What is it that give me a sense of rightness about my world?

Should I lose most everythng
what is it that I cannot lose,
must not lose,
to continue with the sense that life is good?

My wife or my life?
Things can be replaced but she cannot.
I wouldn't want to live without her.

Death holds no fear but life does.
What can I not live without?

My sense of independence and self reliance.

My sense self respect, self forgiveness, valuable valuelessness.

My sense of wonder at the mystery of the unknown.

My sense of awe at the natural world.

My sense of reverence for life.

My sense of being finite in the infinite.

My sense of faith in that which I cannot explain.


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