Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Solutions and Sucesses, Please!

Change is hindered by pointing and whining!

I've been reading news sites and blogs and notice that many make two mistakes.

* They point out problems, injustices and evils but don't offer solutions.

* They whine about the fact that the news media are less than honest about reporting the truth.

I think these are counter-productive.

We should focus on being positive -- offering ideas for change -- rather than simply pointing out the problem which is focusing on the negative. It's easy to see the problem. We need help finding a solution or ways to bring about change. Be problem solvers and not alarmists!

We should not bemoan the fact that the news media are not perfectly honest. The media are owned by large corporations that are motivated by profit. It's illogical to expect them to campaign for our welfare. Rather than rant on about the media, use the space to promote change, to celebrate sucesses and to recognize persons who give us inspiring examples to follow and emulate.


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