Tuesday, December 06, 2011

First Week of December


Snow under low clouds that hid the hills. Any form of precipitation is always welcome.

Maggie on a cold evening.

Maggie on a cold evening. We had a fire in the stove as the temperature dropped to two degrees. Maggie slept contentedly on Julie's lap.

House remodel

The current remodel project is almost finished. We have the flooring installed and much of the trim completed. All that remains is to install toe kick on the pantry, a few pieces of trim, some other miscellaneous items, touch up some paint, store the tools and plan the next project.

Spy Device

This little device merits an entire article. We did not request it but received it from an insurance company. It plugs into the ODB port on a car, records driving records and transmits them to the insurance company via cell signal. It's an example of corporate research, manipulative marketing, spy technology, big brother,animal husbandry of humanity and a few other bad things. I took this photo before returning the device.


Anonymous Alex Pendragon said...

Comment #1: My Gods, is that cat THAT big?

Comment #2: Way to go, friend! I was having that same sentiment burning in my brain as I watched the Progressive commercial that promoted that same idea....surveilance. The HELL with that!

12/06/2011 08:16:00 PM  
Blogger graceonline said...

Even though I do not own a vehicle, that thing puts chills down my spine. Big Brother is here. What's next, microchips in every human being?

12/21/2011 03:36:00 PM  

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