Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoseshoe Mesa

Last weekend Julie and I did a backpacking trip to Horseshoe Mesa. We had an enjoyable time.

The mesa was mined for copper in the late 1800's so the trail and area is full of history. It's a short hike of only three and one-half miles with an elevation loss of 2,500 feet. There were other groups camped on the mesa and we passed several day hikers so it was a social trip. We talked with university students as well as people from England, Ohio, Colorado and California.

Horseshoe Mesa.

Our destination on Horseshoe Mesa is marked by the red arrow. The elevation loss is about 2,500 feet.

Radiation Hazard Sign.

Radiation hazard. Recently congress has been debating allowing more uranium mining near Grand Canyon.



Remains of a cabin.

Remains of a cabin.


Toilet with a view. Note the shadow of the second toilet.

Riprap Trail

Historical riprap trail.

Hidden Trail.

The last mile of the trail climbs 1,200 feet. The red arrow points to a backpacker.

Cribbing on the trail.

Sections of the trail are supported by wooden cribbing.

Near the top.

Julie nears the top.






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