Sunday, October 16, 2011

An End

I consciously and intentionally put a positive upbeat veneer on my blog. I do this for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I am tempted to address issues that ruminate behind the veneer and I've chosen to entertain a temptation on this occasion.

A few months ago I noticed the counter on the right side of my blog that tallied US deaths in Iraq was no longer incrementing even though hostile and non-hostile deaths continued. A the end of September the graphic disappeared. I tried to navigate to the website but the domain no longer exists. The person, persons or organization that created the domain and the counter have brought it to an end. As a result, I'm removing it from my blog template.

US Deaths.

US deaths continue but not at the rate that occurred in the not too distant past.

Deaths in Iraq by Month.

I had and have both a rational and emotional reaction to valuing one group over another group. People are people and differ only in insignificant superficial ways such as dress, hair styles and religion. I didn't feel good about counting US deaths while ignoring Iraqi deaths so I searched for a counter to see both sides. The domain that provided the counter continues to exist but I am removing it also.

Iraqi Deaths.

I don't experience epiphanies. Generally a feeling slowly builds over a period of time and I come to a conscious realization of some belief that has evolved and has been adopted. It's not always a new belief. Sometimes it's a realization that a belief should be tossed on the refuse heap. I tend to approach life cerebrally or I deceive myself that my beliefs and reactions are rational rather than emotional. The older I get the more I realize I'm probably more self deceptive, less rational and more emotional than I once imagined possible.

The Reagan years pushed me toward cynicism. This last ten years have entrenched that cynicism. I've come to realize that democracy is an intellectually attractive concept that does not exist. Both political parties are equally reprehensible. I know of no person in the political light that I respect.

One of my realizations is that it was naive of me to give credence to concepts such as truth, honor, honesty, integrity when spoken by men and women in office or running for office. My bad, not theirs.

Without regard to nationality, I feel for families who grieve for those who died.

Tomorrow I'll put the veneer back in place and return to positive events in my life and continue to watch the world without comment.


Anonymous alex Pendragon said...

Despite all the wondrous things we are capable of, and continue to demonstrate, I have still pretty much given up on my species which has proven that as a collective, is literally suicidal. All I can do now is savor and enjoy what remains to be enjoyed for what it is and endure the decline as best I can.

10/16/2011 07:25:00 AM  
Blogger Regenia said...

I could not agree more that it is appropriate to grieve for any and all families.

I feel sad the count is being removed. I guess I don't want us to forget the number of lives lost, nationality being irrelevant. And all due to the decision of such a very small number of men. I often enough wonder if they can sleep at night. I wonder if they ever suffer knowing how many lives were lost, many before they ever got started. It's probably better I do not know the answer.

12/04/2011 05:13:00 AM  

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