Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Anticipation

It's Sunday evening, my pack is ready, my clothes are laid out and I'm planning on leaving at 6 AM for the canyon.

I did a final check of the weather forecast. The predicted low on the rim for the week is 29 degrees and the high at the river is 92 degrees. This is much warmer than I prefer but it does mean I can take a lighter (i.e. less weighty) jacket. On the down side I'll need more water. I've packed eight liters (19.4 pounds) for the first two days.

The satellite phone I rented felt heavy. The scales stopped at 12.9 ounces, much less than I guessed. My pack passed sixty pounds so I began reevaluating contents. I took out a small video camera (8.9 ounces) and tripod (5.8 ounces). My camera goes but extra lenses (3.2 ounces) get left behind. I generally take too much snack food (nuts, dried fruit, etc) so I left almost half of what I originally packed. In the end I trimmed down to 57.2 pounds.

Over the last few weeks when it's early in the day and the sun is shining I've look forward to this trip. Tonight less so. Julie and I have not been separated for seven days since before we married, possibly as long as 15 years.

I've anticipated this trip. Now I'm anticipating her return from Amarillo next Sunday.


Anonymous Lani said...

I know you might not blog heavily about your trip, but there is a decent chance we'll get a summary and a picture or two, so I'm looking forward to your safe return and possibly a blog post!

10/19/2011 03:49:00 PM  

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