Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Plans

Both Julie and I had to work late today but we are now off for the next ten days. On Monday morning I'll head for the canyon and she is going to Amarillo to celebrate her father's and sister's birthdays, 85 and 60.

I have a full weekend planned prior to our trips on Monday.
  • Mix and pour 36 linear feet of concrete footer.
  • Adjust the tilt on the solar panels.
  • Harvest a few items in the garden and work the compost bins.
  • Make a trip to town to fill a propane cylinder and pick up the satellite phone.
  • I'll run some errands in town while Julie has supper with a friend.
  • Join some neighbors for supper and game night.
  • Stop by the library for audio books.
  • Dehydrate apples.
  • Maybe participate in the road pick up on Saturday morning.
  • Write three more blog posts.
  • Update the reading list on my blog.
  • Make a template change to my blog.
  • Check both cars.
  • Final packing for our trips.

Those are the plans but I doubt the list will be completed. When I was younger I would get up early and start work before breakfast and try to complete every item I put on my to-do list. Now, I get up, have breakfast with Julie and think about what I want to do, have another cup of coffee, talk a little more and finally get to work. The important things will get done and the others can wait. I like this new approach.


Blogger Regenia said...

Allan needs to see this list! He always says MY lists are too long!

10/14/2011 06:16:00 PM  

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