Saturday, April 09, 2011


We planned a trip this weekend, an adventure in Utah with slick rock, big vistas and slot canyons. Early in the week the weather reports looked bad so we decided to postpone until next weekend.

Since our plans were altered I created a long to-do list for yesterday and began working the list at 5:30 am. I picked up one-thousand gallons of water, forty gallons of propane, one cistern and one iPad. I fixed a flat tire twice which wasn't on my plans.


Winds where strong yesterday so I left the cistern on the trailer and hope to unload it today and put one thousand gallons of water in it to anchor it in place.

Tomatoes in the utility room.

I'm impatient to get in the garden. Lillies and rhubarb are growing. I left a few parsnips in the ground and dug them over winter as we wanted them. The remnants began growing and put up healthy green tops but I dug them and put them in the compost last weekend. This weekend gardening is limited to house plants and tomatoes in the utility room due to winds yesterday and snow today.

Snowy garden.
Garden covered by an early April snow that wasn't in my plans.

My laptop died this week. It hung so I did a forced reboot. It booted partially but the display became a kaleidoscope of colors and it hung again. After a cool down period it booted and was normal for about sixty seconds. After that, nothing. I did a few diagnostics, bought a drive enclosure, pulled the hard drive and dumped the data to Julie's laptop. She suggested I take her computer and she buy an iPad. In the end this was the least expensive solution ($299) with the most benefits.

Hard drive enclosure.
A hard drive enclosure containing the remnants of my laptop.

Today's plans include fixing a tire on my trailer, the same tire I attempted to fix yesterday. I pulled a 16 common nail from the tire, plugged the hole but it was low on air in a short while. I replaced the plug but it lost air again. There must be a second puncture because I'm certain neither fix was leaking.

Tire with nail.
Punctured tire.

At the end of yesterday I didn't feel like I'd accomplished much. I have a suspicion that today will be the same. It appears that slowing down is part of aging that wasn't in my plans.


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Your version of lack of accomplishment and mine are very different.

That was a cunning way for Julie to get an iPad. ;)

4/09/2011 08:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Alex Pendragon said...

You and your plans....shish! You accomplish more in one day of constantly reconfigured tasks than I do in a whole week that's running smoothly!

4/09/2011 01:59:00 PM  

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