Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's Walk

Today's walk was a little over two hours in length. We climbed the north side of Francis Crater, descended the curling and less steep west side and turned toward home.

Along the way we searched for and found an old wooden picnic table that we first saw a few years ago. It's isolated, about a mile from the nearest house, in a area that offers no hint of who moved it to that location or why. When we found it we discovered it had collapsed and was lying in a neat stack as if someone had folded it up. Parts of the top have rotted away and nails have backed out.

The temperature was in the mid-fifties, the sky was cloudless and the wind was calm with an occasional gentle breeze. Occasionally we spooked a jack rabbit and though we saw no antelope we saw many tracks. While on top of Francis we removed all the stones from the cairn that contained a jar with a small log book. The container and log were missing. Someone has removed them.

It was another pleasant day in paradise.

Julie pointing.
Julie pointing out something in the distance.

Blue Gramma Grass Inflorescence.
Blue gramma grass inflorescence in a full circle.

Tumble weed against fence.
Tumble weed against a fence.

Picnic table.
An old picnic table.

The peaks.
The peaks were sharp against the blue sky.


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