Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tough Life

Jackrabbits have a tough life.

A few years ago there was a jackrabbit in the area who had one ear split from his skull to the tip of his ear. He appeared to have two ears on the right side. I've seen them running at full speed under barbed wire. Just before the fence they will snap their ears down on their back and pop them back up after passing the fence. Apparently this hare's timing was off and he snagged the fence.

A jackrabbit cautiously entering the yard last Saturday morning.

Another memorable hare picked the east side of a Juniper on the west side of the drive to the house to scrape out a form to endure the heat of the afternoon. Each day when I arrived home from work he would struggle to get up from his dusty resting place and limp off as I drove by. The temperatures of 100+ degrees were almost too much. One one occasion I walked within three feet of a jackrabbit. He just couldn't muster the energy to leave the shade.

The population of jackrabbits seems to rise and fall frequently. At the moment it appears to be on the rise. I suppose that's good news for the cats. However, if I was a predator I think I'd prefer plump feline.


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