Sunday, May 23, 2010

Play Before Work

We've been working too much. Julie asked me when we went hiking last. I couldn't remember and she couldn't either. So, this weekend we decided to take an overnight trip and hike Friday and Saturday.

When we got home Saturday afternoon we encountered a roadblock about twelve miles from home. It's what is becoming the routine block during wind storms when Interstate 40 is closed. County employees stop traffic attempting to take an alternate route east across the reservation that will lead back to the closed Interstate. Travellers will waste gas and time but get nowhere.

We passed the roadblock, got to the turnoff to our house and found our mailbox and nine others lying on their tops. The wind had rocked the boxes and cross piece to which they are fastened until the assembly broke loose and fell to the ground.

At home I discovered two-thirds of the roofing on my utility building had been rolled off and scattered. I had expected this because the last wind storm had done some damage.

This morning I repaired the mailboxes. Next weekend I'll repair the shed roof. There's no rush. The likelihood of rain is about zero.

We had a good weekend. Saturday we were in slot canyon that ended at the Colorado River. Saturday we climbed 1,500 feet above the river. Tomorrow I'll have photos.

Mailboxes on the ground.
Mailboxes turned right side up..

Mailboxes repaired.
Mailboxes remounted on the posts.


Blogger Tim Hodgens said...


Maybe you should get in the habit of tethering yourself to your home when those windstorms come.

On the other hand, if if the wind is blowing to the northeast, I'll put you up and feed you and treat you to fresh water and lots of greenery if you suddenly appear in my yard.


5/24/2010 06:54:00 AM  

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