Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Closer

Ten days to wait.

It was forty-one degrees this morning. We had a frost last week but are nearing the time when the probability of frost will be low. Between June 1 and June 15 I'm going to plant warm weather vegetables.

Yesterday evening I bought more drip irrigation parts. Another task is to prepare wind protection for peppers and a few other plants.

We installed a sun umbrella to the east of the two Adirondack chairs in the garden. We're getting closer to the time when we can have morning coffee in the garden and watch it grow.

Pansies in the early morning sun.


Blogger graceonline said...

Shucks, the pansy pic isn't showing. Would love to see them.

Thanks for evoking images/scents: Feeling the sun on my face, inhaling that coffee, the desert air. Do you have sagebrush there? Love that scent in the morning and again after a rain.

5/22/2010 10:24:00 AM  
Blogger graceonline said...

Now I can see the pansies. Gorgeous. Don't know if it was my 'puter or if you fixed something, but I'm grateful either way. I remember that light in the desert so well that I can smell the air.

5/24/2010 05:50:00 PM  

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