Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Master Gardener Association

Anything worth something costs something, not monetary cost but personal costs in time and effort.

I paid the required fee, completed the master gardener training and did the mandatory 50 hours of volunteer service. I attended some of the initial meetings that led to the formation of the Coconino County Master Gardener Association but did not attend the meeting where the bi-laws were adopted.

Day before yesterday I received an email.
At the March 18, 2010 Master Gardener Association Meeting, temporary bi-laws for Coconino County Master Gardeners were approved.

Beginning in 2010, all Certified Master Gardeners must report 12 volunteer hours and 6 continuing education hours each calendar year in order to remain a Certified Coconino County Master Gardener.
A commitment of an additional 18 hours per year is fine. The additional knowledge, the contact with people and the outcomes are worth more than the effort and time I'll allocate. It's a win-win situation.


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