Saturday, November 07, 2009

Memories In Bloom

Last spring I was at a local lumber yard when I saw this Bouganvelia and, on impulse, bought it as a surprise for Julie.

Pink African Violet.
This large African Violet was a gift from one of Julie's co-workers who was moved to Virginia because their son was seriously ill. Within a week of moving he died.

Christmas Cactus.
This Christmas Cactus, also a gift from Julie's friend, had one blossom open this past week with several more blossoms developing.

Blue African Violet.
A few years ago Julie and I bought this blue African Violet on a weekend trip to the Superstition Mountains. Recently I propagated it with a leaf cutting.

Zebra Plant.
Julie bought this Zebra Plant at a local nursery. It was intriguing to watch these fading blossoms develop, grow and open.


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