Thursday, October 29, 2009

Forty-Third Weekend

Last weekend, October 23-25, was the forty-third weekend of the year. Here are some highlights.

On Friday morning we walked to our mailbox about a mile from the house. I set the GPS to measure the distance and our speed. Turns out it was a little farther than I realized. We walked 2.69 miles round trip. Our average speed was 3.9 mph.

We watched the fourth and final episode of Wives and Daughters. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. On a ten point scale I'd rate it a nine.

I constructed semicircular ends for one garden bed with operable vents. I installed them and, with Julie's help, planted garlic and onions before reinstalling the plastic cover securely. We've had some strong winds in the last few days and the plastic seems to be ready for winter weather.

This past Saturday we stopped by one of the local nurseries to buy a large flower pot for Sansevieria. I find going to a nursery akin to a religious experience. I always get enthused, excited and motivated.

Maggie inspecting tubs awaiting planting.
Maggie in the sun room inspecting vegetable tubs awaiting planting. I cut the wire fabric covers to keep her out of what she might interpret as litter boxes. (Larger version)

Several months ago I potted an old ragged Mother-in-Law's Tongue (Sansevieria) after removing several leaves from the plant. I cut the leaves into sections and rooted them. In the end I came out with about 50 small plants. On Sunday we condensed eight pots of Sansevieria into two large pots. I like the results.

Every six months we have friends who pass through Flagstaff on their way to their summer or winter home. Generally three couples meet at our house or one other couple's house for supper. I was looking forward to supper last weekend in part due to concern about their health. One of the men is no longer able to work, has been forced to file bankruptcy, has no health insurance and is depending on his wife to maintain what is left of their business. He is overweight, shakes, has knees that can no longer climb steps and is basically house bound. His poor health and financial problems are the results of bad choices. He is fifty-one.

The high calorie, high fat supper was Saturday evening. Julie and I ate very light on Sunday. I walked five miles with a thirty pound pack and felt better physically and psychologically.

On Saturday morning I was highlighting a backpacking route on topographical maps when Julie accused me of "obsessing" about the trip scheduled for March. I lied and said I wasn't obsessing. She responded by reading aloud the dictionary definition. Unknown to me she took a photo. OK, I do obsess but only about good things.

Obsessing over a topographical map.
"Obsessing" over a topographical map with aging eyes aided by a magnifying glass. (Larger version)


Blogger MojoMan said...

I thought you were going to say that guy was SEVENTY-one! I am fascinated and more than a little dismayed by the way so many of us seem to think there is no price to pay for our recent trend toward ever-greater self-indulgence.

10/31/2009 08:09:00 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

The hike seems like an appropriate event to fuss over. :)

10/31/2009 09:21:00 AM  

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