Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cat and Mouse

Maggie, our cat, was playing with something near the walk by the end of the house. As I got closer I saw the mouse that was the recipient of her attention. I had things to do and continued my work. Later I noticed Streudel, a feral cat, with Maggie and assumed the mouse was doomed sooner rather than later. The game had been going for 30 minutes and I was surprised the mouse was still able to play unwilling in the cats' game.

Cat and mouse.
Maggie and the mouse in a recycled plastic container. The red toy mouse happened to be in the photo by accident. She rarely plays with it. (Larger version)

I finished my work and joined Julie for breakfast in the sun room. We heard the cat door swing close and saw Maggie pass through the living room and drop a mouse. I assumed it was dead but was wrong. It was alive and speedy.

I decided to intervene rather than risk the mouse getting under some furniture where Maggie couldn't retrieve it. I got a plastic container from the recycling bin, took the mouse from Maggie, placed it in the box, snapped the lid shut and placed it on the floor. Maggie continued to play with the mouse, batting the container about and rolling it over as we finished breakfast.

It was a good start to the day for Maggie and me. Before leaving for work I turned the mouse loose in the yard. The last time I saw it the cat was in pursuit.


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We'll make great pets...........

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